Wood Doors VS. Steel and Fiberglass Doors


Wood Exterior Doors

  • All-wood doors have solid wood or solid-cores.
  • Provides an attractive appearance.
  • R-values vary with the quality and amount of window glass, but wood is a natural insulator.
  • Wood doors are prone to warping and require periodic painting.
  • Wood is available in a variety of designs.
  • Can be trimmed to fit existing frame.
  • Wood will not rust overtime.
  • They are heavy and tend to sag over time.
  • Requires routine maintenance to ensure long lasting qualities.
  • They are good at controlling sound.
  • Can be reinforced with fiberglass to prevent expansion and contracting.


Steel Exterior Doors

  • Insulation-filled steel doors can have the high R-values, up to an R-15 because the steel frame is filled with polyurethane foam.
  • Steel is ideal for unprotected exposure to sun and moisture.
  • Cannot be trimmed to fit existing opening.
  • Steel doors can be difficult to install.
  • Very easy to maintain.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Frames must be plumb/square for the door to fit properly.
  • Fastening hardware may require a carbide-tipped drill bit.
  • There is no exposed wood to warp, rot, bow or splinter.
  • Provides superior security qualities.
  • The bottom of the door is subject to rust from salt.
  • Has the option of coming with magnetic weather stripping to ensure a strong hold that keeps the elements out and prevents air and water infiltration.
  • Stainable and offers smooth services.


Fiberglass Exterior Doors

  • They are paintable, stainable, and come in many styles.
  • Genuine look and feel of a wood door.
  • Insulated fiberglass doors have up to a R-11 rating.
  • Embossed texture that is 25% deeper than standard fiberglass doors.
  • Offers four times greater insulation performance than a wood door.
  • Architecturally correct stile- and rail-grain pattern.
  • Resists nicks and dents.
  • Does not chip, warp, rot or crack.
  • Fiberglass is proven far superior to wood in strength, weather ability and durability.
  • Triple blade bottom sweep helps eliminate air and water infiltration and is not affected by temperature extremes.




Roll A Shield Payson Arizona – Security Shutters

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Roll-A-Shield offers quality rolling shutters, security shutters and window coverings for sun control, security, energy savings and privacy.

Nothing does it quite like a Roll-A-Shield. Roll-A-Shield is the leading family-owned rolling shutter manufacturer in Arizona. In 1979, Roll-A-Shield introduced to the Phoenix area these innovative rolling shutters. Since then we have installed thousands of Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters on homes and businesses.

Roll-A-Shield offers “Peace of Mind.” Our rolling shutters are custom manufactured to fit your home or business and provide security, privacy, sun control and energy savings year ´round. We are proud of the reputation we have earned as the premier security shutter firm in the industry today.

Roll-A-Shield has 34 years of continuous operation. We invite you to compare our high quality product, our comprehensive warranty and our unmatched customer service to any other rolling shutter company in the country. We are confident that you will find – as have thousands of satisfied Roll-A-Shield customers – that we take immense pride in our work and it shows, from first contact to finished installation. Visit out website at www.LoweryZ.com, or call one of our Sales Representative at (928) 468-0591. We will come out and do free estimates.


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From contemporary to classic, our windows will fit your lifestyle.

Why Energy Core

The MI EnergyCore™ Window System is designed for optimal energy efficiency and high performance without compromising style and functionality.  The system’s high performance is derived from a combination of patented AirCell™ PVC frame technology, TMAX™ Insulating Glass, and a design that incorporates numerous physical barriers against air and water infiltration.

MI EnergyCore Windows are Energy EfficientThe frame is manufactured with a patented AirCell PVC material that is co-extruded and thermally bonded.  This creates a fully insulated, corner welded frame that results in superior energy efficiency and strength.  The frame is designed to support triple pane insulating glass to maximum residential sizes in any style.  Additional strength is achieved thru internal aluminum reinforcements at the lock rails for maximum security.

Numerous air and water barriers are engineered into the panel and frame interface.  These barriers include multiple contact points of weather stripping and/or compression bulbs, interlocking meeting rails, and a pocketed sill with a sloped drainage path.   These features are designed to keep a home’s interior dry even in harsh conditions.  All styles of the MI EnergyCore Series have been tested to an AAMA  Performance Grade 40 or above.

MI EnergyCore Window System U-ValuesThe MI EnergyCore Window System achieves optimal energy efficiency.  The frame blocks thermal conductivity at least 6 times better than fiberglass, 4 times better than rigid PVC, and 3 times better than wood.

When we combine the MI EnergyCore frame with our high-performance, triple-pane, argon-filled TMAX glass packs, the resulting window exceeds ENERGY STAR® requirements by 30 – 50 percent and meets the requirements for the Department of Energy’s R-5 High Performance Windows Program.

In fact, our window system is so efficient, that our standard MI EnergyCore dual pane window, even WITHOUT argon gas fill, exceeds Energy Star requirements in ALL zones, in ANY style, and in ANY configuration.

The MI EnergyCore Window System’s unique design results in a more energy efficient, stronger, more secure, and quieter window with traditional style.

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